Why websites are like plants, not shoes!

When you buy a pair of shoes its one and done, you get them, you wear them until there is a hole in them or a new style comes out and then get a new pair. A plant, you got to look after it, tend to it give it some water and plant food if you wanna splash the cash.

So what has plants and shoes got to do with websites? Well websites need some care and attention. Many people think they just make one and that it, its done, but if you want to rank on google (and lets face it who dosent) your gonna have to feed the website a bit! Blogs are a good start, google love to see people adding to their websites and a blog is a great way to do that. Adding in new content be it images or case study’s or updates about your business. Other things outside of your SEO is security and updates, you have to make sure everything is kept up to date. What version of WordPress are you running? Have you updated your plugins?

How to Care for Your Website

1. Blogs:

  • Content is King: Google loves fresh content. Regularly update your blog with new posts.
  • Diverse Content: Include images, case studies, or business updates to keep things interesting.

2. SEO:

  • Keywords: Use relevant keywords to improve search rankings.
  • Backlinks: Build backlinks to increase your site’s authority.

3. Security and Updates:

  • WordPress Version: Always run the latest version.
  • Plugins: Regularly update your plugins to ensure compatibility and security.


Treat your website like a plant, not a pair of shoes. Give it the care it needs, and it will thrive. Regular updates, fresh content, and maintaining security are crucial for a healthy, high-ranking website.

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